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This form allows you to select the MyGFA Menu that you want.  You will need to enter your GFA Member Number and either a PIN or your Date of Birth to verify your membership, and so that we can identify you and select the correct menu of services.

If you are wanting to access Club Services, you will need to enter the Club's Membership Number and the Date of Birth or PIN assigned to the Club.

Scroll down to find these options. Click the Green "Send" button when finished.

A PIN can be set up in your Member or Club profile, and once you have done this you can use the PIN in place of your Date of Birth.  A PIN can be any combination of 3 or 4 letters or numbers.  If you use letters, remember they are case sensitive.  If you forget the PIN, you can still use the Date of Birth.


Membership Services
Title Description
Membership Renewal Not Available
Member Profile Edit/Email Not Available
Check Member Details Not Available
Change Recurring Payment Not Available
Make a FAI Badge Claim Claim a Silver, Gold, or Diamond Badge, or a distance Certificate (750km, 1000km etc)


SOAR Reports

Title Description
New Accident/Incident Report (Ops) Create a new SOAR report for an operational incident or accident
New A/W Service Difficulty Report Create an Airworthiness Service Difficulty Report
List and/or Edit my SOAR Reports List, read, or edit SOAR reports that you have personally submitted


Other Services

Title Description
Apply for GPC Apply for a Glider Pilot Certificate online
A,B,C Certificate Nominate a pilot for an A, B or C Certificate online. Only for Instructor use.
Buy Annual Inspection Kits Quick way to buy one or more Form 2 kits.  Bypasses the GFA Shop
Competition Marks View Competition Marks, or request one for your glider
Official Observer Revalidation Revalidate your Official Observer rating (only within a month of the revalidation date)
GFAMet Weather Forecasts Access the GFA's Soaring Forecasts, based on the popular SkySight product. This is a free service to GFA Members
Club/AMO Services A menu of services to clubs or AMOs
Online Exam Menu A list of all GFA Online exams available with links to take them